Meet Tribute.
Equity for the Community.
Tribute enables businesses to create a new form of equity for their ecosystems. With Tribute, any business can issue contributive tokens and set up smart incentives in order to attract and reward independent workers, partners, and users, in a sustainable and equitable manner.
What if you could boost
the growth of your business in a fair and sustainable way?
Contributive tokens complement cash payments with an additional remuneration based on the value created over a period of time, measured as a share of future cash-flows or profits.
Tribute introduces a new kind of incentives called "Contributive tokens". You can allocate them on an ongoing basis, each time someone contributes to your business.
Reward contributors
You can issue and give contributive tokens to anyone who adds value to your business, as a complement to their usual remuneration.
Create your reserve fund
Set up a reserve fund for your project. Transfer to this pool part of your revenue or your profits over time.
Contributors redeem
Each token is a share of the reserve fund. Contributors can exchange their tokens for cash at will.
Tribute is a great way to attract business partners
and co-workers. They instantly understand POI's values system and want to take part in the adventure.

Adrien Soumagne